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This is the official repository for the nexus events resource.

Nexus Events is a multi-gamemode server written by Shayan and Icehax. We incorporate loads of gamemodes such as King of the Hill, Demolition and much more.


  • Jaymo (as part of the menu API)
  • Syntasu, Indra, throwarray, d0p3t and the testers team for all the help with testing
  • Blu (as part of the spectator snippet from easyadmin)
  • TheNunProstitute for moral and community server support

Community Server

Our community server (Nexus-Events) is joinable by searching for it on the server list or direct connecting to In addition to this, you can check out our progress by visiting the following link:

Any feedback, let us know by telling us in our discord guild:


  1. It is important to note that baseevents must be started before this resource is started. We will make this as a dependency soon.
  2. Please restart spawnmanager before restarting Nexus-Events resource.